Plumbers Local 130, UA Would Like To Thank Everyone For Your Support And Participation In The 125th Plus One
Anniversary Celebration.

James F. Coyne


James F. Coyne


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Joliet Apprentice Training Center

The Joliet Training Center provides a modern, technology driven and green learning environment for our 6,000 plus Journeymen, Retirees and Apprentice Plumbers.  You will find the newest in equipment, technology and related green courses for plumbing, pipe and tube joining processes, appliances, fixtures, both rain and gray water harvesting systems and solar water systems. 

Including Plan Reading, safe, correct and efficient installation and maintenance of plumbing systems that include underground and aboveground water supply, storm water, sewer drainage, fixture installation, waste and vent piping both inside and outside of commercial buildings and residential homes, the Joliet Training Center will serve our members to these newest heights of education.

Local 130 Parking Garage

This 7 story parking structure containing 500 parking spots and 13,000 square feet of retail space would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our members voting to create a building fund in April of 2018 allowing us the ability to make this parking garage a reality. 

It is being constructed primarily to meet the parking demands of Local 130 members when attending meetings and events at the hall. This parking structure will also give us the opportunity to rent parking spaces to our neighbors and partners in the West Loop. The additional rental space for new businesses will allow our members to reap the benefits of this additional income for years to come.

Union Wellness Centers

Three new Union Wellness Center locations have recently opened.  
You are invited to these new facilities in Warrenville, Crystal Lake and Rosemont. Just like our Lemont Union Wellness Center, these locations also do not charge co-pays or deductibles to our members and their families.
To schedule an appointment at any of these locations, please call 312.421.1016.  

Plumbers CARE Fund

Proceeds will benefit the “Plumbers CARE Fund” –
Plumbers Critical Action Relief Effort Fund

This fund was established in 2019 to assist the families of our brothers and sisters who have endured tragedy or who are enduring extreme financial hardship.

To date, this fund has assisted families that have experienced personal loss, including but not limited to - bereavement, tragic house fires and mounting medical bills due to illness.

We thank you for supporting this cause and helping our brothers and sisters in need.